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What Can You Do After D Pharmacy

After finishing the D Pharma if any candidate wants to study further then below are the two viable options he or she can choose from: If pharmaceutical studies are your calling and passion, you can pursue a bachelor's degree in pharmacy. If you have already completed D Pharma, you may apply for the second year of B Pharma. Regarding the job prospects after obtaining degree or diploma in pharmacy, you can apply in pharmaceutical companies. In the country, there are a lot of companies in the pharmaceutical sector which provides job opportunities to the D. Pharm candidates.

The work opportunities in the private firms are as follows: Medical Transcriptionist Answer (1 of 6): Dear friends, There are too many options after D pharmacy in India. Please see below 1. You can do a job as medical business representative (MR) 2. You can give a gov pharmacist exam (railway, ESIC, Actrec, AIIMS, etc.) on the basis of a diploma. 3. You can join clinical pharm...

What Can You Do After D Pharmacy - Discount Place

What Can You Do After D Pharmacy - Discount Place

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