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Sticky Date Pudding with Spiced Butterscotch Sauce

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

This is a chefs recipe so makes a lot!

This is now available for takeaway...just pm me for details.

Happy Baking.

Spiced Butterscotch Sauce

1kg Caster Sugar

284ml (1/2 Pint) Water

500ml Whipping cream

250g Unsalted Butter (diced)

First add the caster and the water (picture 1) to your largest stainless steel pan & Clingfilm the pan to make a lid, (allows it to steam and keeps the side of the pan clean, preventing crystallization)

After a few minutes the sugar will start caramelising, (picture 2) carefully take the cling film off and take the sugar to a deep amber colour. (picture 3)

Add the cream carefully in one go, CAREFUL not to splash, the sugar is very hot!!! - the mixture will boil up to the top of the pan but don't panic, make sure the cream is incorporated and take off the stove.

Add the diced butter and stir until all the butter is dissolved. (picture 4)

Then infuse the spice mix and leave for 5- 10mins then pass through a sieve.

Spice mix

3 Tonka beans

5 scraps of vanilla pods

1 dsp grd ginger

1/2 tsp grd cinnamon

10 black peppercorns

1 dsp pink peppercorns

2 oranges (juice/zest)

5 star anise

1 tsp coriander seeds

1 tsp mixed spice

1 tsp curry powder

80ml sherry vinegar

combine all into the hot butterscotch and infuse.

Now you have the sauce and lots of it...but don't worry you need some for the actual sponge too.

Sticky date pudding

2lb chopped dates

2 pints of hot water

2tbsp baking powder

2tbsp bicarbonate of soda

500g butter

1lb 40z dem sugar

11 eggs

1lb 12oz self raising flour

852g of spiced butterscotch sauce

2tbsp treacle

in a pan put the chopped dates, butterscotch, water and treacle bring to a simmer and take off the stove, let cool

meanwhile, cream the sugar and butter till white and fluffed.

Add 1 egg at a time until each one is incorporated (if it looks like it could split try adding a little of the flour to bind it together)

when all eggs are added add he sifted dry ingredients then slowly add the date mix

Line a gastro or baking tray and pour mix into trays.

Bake uninterrupted for 55mins at 160oc , check with a knife (should come out clean)

cook for a further 15mins if needed - depending on oven.

when the sponge comes out use a diamond steel or the back of a pastry brush to knock holes all over the sponge and pour some more butterscotch sauce all over, filling in the holes with sauce, leave to cool.

Recipe makes 23 takeaway pots.

Serve with Earl Grey ice cream & Steeped Prunes for Tea and Cake Dessert

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