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Carrot Pate - Vegan / Gluten free

Recipe (makes approx 12x 100g pots)

600g carrots, peeled and sliced

40g root ginger

25ml olive oil

1tsp coriander seeds

5 star anise

1tsp maldon salt

135g cashew nuts

100ml water

2g Agar


In a bakers tray wrap the carrots, oil, spices and ginger and salt in tin foil and roast at 160c for approx 45mins or until soft.

Pour all the carrot mix into a blender and add the cashews...leave to one side

Bring the water and agar to a boil and whisk to dissolve and activate the agar. (Agar activates at 90c for 2 mins)

Add water mix to carrot mix and blend at 20 second intervals, keep pushing the mixture down and blend until smooth.

You can put into moulds/jars now or if you would like a smoother finish pass through a drum sieve.

Refridgerate to cool.

For an extra cheffie finish.....

Juice a few carrots to produce rough 300ml. Add a little lemon juice and salt to taste then measurr out the final liquid and put 1% agar into it. ie 300ml equals 3g of agar. Bring to 90c for 2 mins and whisk to dissolve all the agar. Cool a little then pour a thin layer over the pates to form a little jelly topping.

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