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2021 | Vegans | the future....and the wonderful mind of a mad chef?





Probably make people laugh or pissed off here. But probably won't have many reads

So the last 18 months haven't been ideal. I think we have all watched too much television.

I think the best thing to happen over the last couple of years is people knowing that things have to change. Its always happened throughout humanity. Progression. We can't hate each other forever. We can't keep using up resources that aren't sustainable. And, we can't carry on eating ourselves to an early grave. Over my career the vegan diet has always been in my radar, from my first partner to laughing about them as a commis chef. The arguments FOR and the not so many excuses against. Even when I type this the thought of never having a southern fried chicken again is terrifying. But I am truly convicted but also understand I'm bias towards meat.

Animal welfare is the best its ever been right? I know some animals have some pretty good lives. I also know the world doesn't progress at once and all of a sudden. I'm not ever not going to eat meat again. But progress has to start somewhere, right? Not in our life time but for the first time I actually believe another generation might well laugh at the state of where we are at and at how little we have actually progressed. Lets not forget even stone age and bronze age humans looked after food better than most of us. Maybe this era can be the era of change.

Change doesn't happen over night. So maybe if we change one or two items in our diet today it would benefit people in the future. You don't have to be vegan to try vegan stuff. I've started drinking oat milk with my coffee and cereal. Its not as bad as you think. Muesli is oats anyway so there's no difference there. Lets be honest here eating fruit as a snack rather than a Greggs is a win win surely shirley!

Over the last week I've made vegan butter that seems pretty good I made cookies with them and they came out....AMAZING.

It won't take too much work to cook for the dietary requirements which hopefully means happier customers. Which is all a chef really wants! Too many chefs I've worked with have just said no or misunderstood the customers. I've always tried to have something different available. My home made seitan curry goes down well and my next mission is crème fraiche made with cashews, which makes good cheese too.

Next time you go out to eat you can know that there are places that think about all dietary real chefs it means more. So maybe next time you go out for a meal you could choose a vegan option and be pleasantly surprised.

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