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Cheffy Books

These kind of books don't come along very often. Books that you can jump in and out of throughout your career that not only give you inspiration but recipes galore. Crumbs, purees and just bits and bobs is what i get out of them the most. These type of books is food porn at its best.

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I might be wrong but i think this was the first book that made me think how little i know about this journey i'm on. What my limitations would be  and what i could achieve This book will never age, in my eyes the pinnacle of cuisine. To hear what Grant Achatz has been through and no matter what never lost his vision and love was and is a great motivation.  



Its been a while since i picked a book with this much passion, art and emotion. Everything about this book screams love for its environment.  So well made and the recipes are eligiant but achieveable. Partically like the forest floor dish with parsley sponge which i adapted recently for my carrrot  flower pot sharing starter complete with edible soil. A delight for many revisits in the future.



Elegance meets simplicity. Produce meets technique. This work of passion is simply beautiful. I've seen this book on sale at £300 and to be honest i'm not surprised. Not the biggest recipe book but you don't get a book like this just for the recipes. Sheer chef heaven. The best produce meets one of the worlds best...Justin North

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