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Early Years

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I have had the great fortune of working with some truly inspiring chefs with many influential and creative ideas along the way. I believe with hard-work and willingness to learn you will achieve your goals in life.

Started my career at sixteen straight from school and learnt the basics at Carfraemill Lodge near Lauder. 

As a typical young man who thinks he knows everything and because circumstances arose  rushed  into my first  head chef role within my first five years .I promptly realized I had so much more to learn so I packed my bags and went up to the Trossachs. The heart of Scotland.  Throughout the next 10 years travelled around the UK from Isle of Skye too Manchester. Which proved to be a stroke of luck. It propelled me to new heights and knowledge. It wasn't always easy but my willingness, what I like to say, to be a sponge got me through. Soak up the knowledge but have a bit of scourer about you.  My favourite job to date was a quirky café in Manchester and I'm loving my current role of Head Chef @thecobbleskelso were I have the flexibility of creating new dishes that the locals, somehow, always seem to love. 

Every job I’ve undertaken, my ability to work hard, love of food and hunger to learn new ways of doing things for over 16 years from many talented chefs has allowed me to gather a library of experience that I'd like to share 

long may my journey continue..

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